Is it fact or fiction when it comes to Father Daughter Effects?

Studies show that womens' relationships with their fathers have a very strong influence on their lives, particularly regarding the type of men that they are attracted to. It could be a very positive influence, especially if your memories of your father are positive. But, what happens if your memories are negative or even mixed? This is when we find ourselves in a dilemma. We search for men that are either completely different, strangely similiar or a mixed bag of character traits. Often times, what we don't do is consider what type of man would best be suited for our own personality and our own needs. It's as if we are trying to avoid something, because we are afraid of repeating a past relationship. So, we go the other way. Or, we want to fix something, heal a past relationship. So, we go the same way, seeking out men who reminds us of our father. Whichever way you find yourself on whatever path, the truth is that your very first relationship with the opposite sex, was with your father. And that relationship was more powerful then you could imagine. So, yes...the Father Daughter Effects are real. But, you already knew that, otherwise you wouldn't be here.

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